| Corporate Headquarters of the Moe Green Corporation (, LLC) Acquired

The opportunity to delve into the retail market of comic books and entertainment recently became a reality as was added to the, LLC portfolio! Leveraging the existing stock which came with the purchase and working with the premier comic book distributor in the U.S.,, LLC is committed to providing high quality items at reasonable pricing to customers worldwide.

Revenue Streams: Redesign/Relaunch

Using the popular WordPress content management system, was recently completely redesigned. A website which features a multitude of decks of tarot cards available through; the site is designed to captivate tarot card enthusiasts with videos and a wide array of products.

Revenue Sources: Launched

Research into the micro niche market of puzzles and games revealed an opportunity to fill a need of jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts from around the world. has been created to provide easy central access to over one thousand free online jigsaw puzzle games!

Built upon the popular WordPress platform, the site is based upon the puzzles made available through MochiAds with Ebay products for 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles strategically placed to assist in revenue generation.

Future expansion may include the production of custom made online jigsaw puzzles with the brand name prominently displayed and a sister site dedicated solely to the sale of jigsaw puzzles.