| Corporate Headquarters of the Moe Green Corporation (, LLC) Domain Name Secured

The domain is a valuable property that has been under consideration for purchase for several years. The previous owners of the domain, a company dealing with boat lifts, allowed the domain to expire in March of 2008 after receiving no bids for the domain in an auction in January. Due to ignorance of the January auction and poor timing in March, the domain was unable to be acquired at these availability points. The domain was quickly snatched up by a holding company and remained parked for several months…

After tough negotiations which lasted over a week, I am happy to announce the acquistion of on August 20th, 2008. Immediate plans to form a Limited Liability Corporation under the name of Moe Green and launch the company headquarters website on the domain are underway.

Update 09-12-2008 –, LLC formed as a corporation.

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